Ginger – Uses, Health Benefits & Export Details

A well-known tale is that of Hansel and Gretel. This is the tale of two lost kids who, after some time spent wandering through the forest, find a gingerbread home covered in candy and icing. Sadly, they used to share a home with a witch who fed them fat so she could consume them; thankfully, the witch was driven out. Since the first gingerbread house was created, every Christmas, gingerbread houses are produced in Germany, the United States, and other nations. From then on, creating gingerbread houses became a family custom that was enjoyable and engaging. In addition, they would create gingerbread guys to occupy gingerbread homes. Just like in the tale, good kids triumph over evil witches. Ginger has long been a useful product for exporting, particularly in the lead-up to Christmas when it’s used to make gingerbread houses.

About Ginger

Can you imagine a pungent flavoured spice ginger being used by the people to keep their health in good position? Do you want to know how? It gives your immune system a potential support which is formed by a compound ‘gingerol’ which has great antioxidant properties. Risk of diabetes can also be reduced with the help of gingers lively compounds with developed metabolism, insulin. It helps you to balance your sugar. Risks of having cancer are also lowered, and it may prevent you from heart diseases also.

Ginger is a multipurpose ingredient which adds flavour to each and every aspect of our daily life. Our food instance has to have ginger or else the pungent flavour in our food would go missing. Also looking at the varied applications of this spice, it is to be said that ginger is no lesser than a boon, provided the beauty of nature. The derivatives of ginger are profound which makes it an essential herb too in many fields. Medical research also proves that the utilization of ginger in classic medicinal cases is prime. Ginger is a small ingredient which is very important in life. It not only concentrates its uses in one field but also in fields not heard of. It is truly said that ginger is a “BOON FROM GOD.”

Uses of Ginger

Ginger is rich in vitamins, minerals, and has many advantages. Due to these things, it is used in various sectors such as food & beverages, confectionery & bakery, pharmaceuticals, personal care and cosmetics.

For food and beverages industry –

  • It is used to make pickles, tomato ketchup, vegetable puree, dressings for salads so on and so forth.
  • It is also used in drinks like tea, ginger tea which is helpful for health and nowadays it is being used during COVID19 in Ayurveda drinks.
  • Due to its great taste, it is also utilized in bakeries for making tarts, pies, cakes and cookies.

For Pharmaceuticals –

  • It is used since ages to cure health issues like joint and muscle pain, stomach pain, skin burns, cold and flu symptoms, nausea and morning sickness.

Culinary and medicinal agents are two wide aspects where the rhizomes ‘Zingiber officinale Roscoe (Zingiberaceae)’ the ginger has been widely used. Since the last decade preclinical studies in cultured cells in artificial insemination and on animals in laboratory radioprotective effects have been possessed by ginger and its phytochemical dehydrozingerone. The process which takes place by the hydro-alcoholic extraction of the internals of ginger namely ginger rhizome when passed through the route called as the intraperitoneal or the oral process route has a unique effect on people.

Export of Ginger from India

Ginger has helped India‘s economy to reach heights. In 2019-20, the top global markets have bought worth around $26.57 million of ginger from India. USA, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, and Netherland are among the top 5 buyers who import ginger from India. Total quantity of 8067460 tonnes of ginger is exported in these countries itself. With a CAGR of 5%, the global ginger market is increasing. As people are aware of how well it is for health, the market is being driven by them. In January 2020, 0.64 USD Million was imported from India.

Over the past ten years, India’s ginger market has experienced substantial expansion and transformation. When the value of ginger exports worldwide was estimated at $21.46 million in 2009, the ten-year growth of the ginger market indicates a gain of almost $5.11 million, or $26.57 million. Consequently, there is a growing global market for ginger, with India leading the way in terms of ginger exports. Additionally, the business of ginger exports from India is seeing significant margins thanks to the export of dry ginger. In a similar vein, India’s fresh ginger exports are finding it difficult to match the value of its dry ginger exports. Once the market demand for fresh ginger rises to the same level as that of dry ginger, the potential difference between the two will become less.

India’s export of ginger is rising to unprecedented levels and is making significant contributions to the country’s overall economy. The ongoing expansion of ginger demand and exports is evidence of the global ginger market’s development and India’s seizing of this chance to succeed.

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