There has been a consistent upward trend in the quantity of food goods that India exports yearly. The export market for bananas from India is one of the markets that is expanding at a rapid rate. Since India is one of the leading exporters of bananas in the world, the country’s banana exporter has been able to effectively penetrate the international market. For the purpose of exporting bananas, it is necessary to uphold certain quality and health criteria.

Banana Varieties:

  1. Cavendish Banana: Known for its elongated shape and creamy texture, the Cavendish banana is one of the most commonly cultivated varieties in India. It is prized for its sweet flavor and versatility, making it ideal for eating fresh or incorporating into desserts and smoothies.
  2. Robusta Banana: Robusta bananas are distinguished by their stout shape and firm texture. They have a slightly tangy taste and are often used for cooking purposes, such as frying or boiling, due to their ability to retain their shape and texture even when cooked.
  3. Nendran Banana: Nendran bananas, also known as Kerala bananas, are native to the southern state of Kerala. They are characterized by their thick skin, firm flesh, and slightly sour taste. Nendran bananas are popular for making traditional Indian snacks like banana chips and savory dishes like curries and stews.
  4. Rasthali Banana: Rasthali bananas are smaller in size compared to other varieties and have a thin skin that peels easily. They are known for their sweet flavor and creamy texture, making them a favorite choice for snacking or adding to fruit salads.
  5. Poovan Banana: Poovan bananas are medium-sized fruits with a distinctive sweet and tangy flavor. They have a firm texture and are commonly used in Indian cuisine for making desserts, milkshakes, and even savory dishes like curries and chutneys.

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